Toluene Msds

Toluene Msds is one of the most flammable chemicals used in laboratories all over the world. It burns at an auto ignition temperature of 480 degrees Celsius producing carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. These by-products may lead to the green house effect also know as global warming if they are released directly to the atmosphere. It can also explode if the product it’s placed near a static discharge or areas with sparks or open flames. The flash point when the cup is closed is approximately 4.4444 degrees Celsius and 16 degrees Celsius in an open cup. In case of an accident it is advisable to use dry fire fighting chemical powders if the flame is small in size but if the fire is very large and widespread it’s recommendable to use a water spray or fog to put it off completely.
Some of the chemical properties are that it reacts explosively if combined with certain chemical such as dinitrogen tetraoxide, concentrated nitric and sulphuric acids and sulphur dicholoride. Accidents can happen any time if the chemical is not handled well. If this happen it’s very important to give the affected person some first aid before going to a health facility. Here are some of the safety actions that should be done in case of an accident.

EYE CONTACT with Toluene Msds

The first step is to remove the contact lenses immediately so as to avoid further damage, and then flush the eyes with lots of water for a minimum of 15 minutes. It is of paramount importance to visit a health facility later so as to solve the problems that may arise amicably.


Inhaling fumes from Toluene MSDS can lead to serious respiratory problems which may lead to death if the necessary measures are not timely carried out. If the patient is unable to breath, one is advised to give artificial respiration immediately using clean oxygen air.


Toluene MSDS can easily penetrate the skin layer to the inners parts of the body leading to skin problems and other health problems. In case of this kind of accident one should clean the affected area with plenty of water. Then cover the affected part with an emollient and remove all other clothes or shoes contaminated with Toluene MSDS. However if the contamination is severe it’s very important to clean the contaminated area using some anti bacteria cream and seek some medical services immediately after the first aid.

INGESTION if Toluene Msds in consumed

If Toluene MSDS chemical is consumed accidentally its medically recommendable not to vomit unless directed by a medical personnel. Seek medical attention immediately so as to avoid other complication which includes death if the ingestion is serious.
To avoid accidents that result in the process of usage of Toluene MSDS should be handled with a lot of care. The chemical should be stored in an approved area which should not be used for other purposes such as storage of food substances. The area used for storage should also be free of fire or sparks due to its high flammability. One should wear protective clothing when handling Toluene MSDS such as goggles to protect the eyes, a lab coat and a vapour respirator.